Best Android Apps for Classic Tabletop Games

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Candy Crush or Temple Run can get old after a while. Sometimes, what you crave most is a good old-fashioned and classic strategy game with which to kill the time. Tabletops-turned-apps are a great way to revisit your childhood and stimulate the mind. Take a break and perfect your technique with one of these free board game app adaptations – most of which offer great twists to the classic variations!

Pure Chess

There exist a countless number of chess apps that cater to both casual and serious players. Few, however, offer the same immersive experience as Pure Chess. This app allows you to play on a ultra-realistic 3D board, intensifying the game and offering a sense of realism other chess apps lack. Choose from a whole range of stunning settings and game pieces to reflect your mood and player style. Pure Chess also offers interactive Chess guides, the ability to adjust your difficulty level and track your progress, as well as an online multi-player option. Developed with the help of a Grandmaster, you can be certain this app offers the ultimate chess experience.

Clue: Detective Notes

Toss the paper and pens aside – Clue goes electronic in this app reinvention of the game.

Why not add a bit of mystery to your commute, or practise your detective skills in queue at the bank? The app can be played solo or with up to three other friends. Most impressively of all – Clue: Detective Notes supports numerous official board game editions, meaning you can switch from the Harry Potter edition to the Sherlock Holmes version (or any other of the dozen designs) whenever you like!

Appeak Poker

Advertised as the fastest, most enjoyable and comprehensive Texas Hold’Em app available – the player reviews of Appeak Poker certainly vouch for this reputation. The app is designed to offer a straight-forward poker game which can be tailored to your preferences and skills. Complete in-game challenges, choose from tournament types, play against friends and compete on the leader board. Not only is the app free to download – you will also receive 7,000 free chips for each day that you play. The app is available in several language, and delivers everything a poker player might want from a quick, no-frill game.

Words With Friends

One of the many successful apps brought to you by Zynga, Words with Friends ensures that you can maintain the social aspect of Scrabble even when playing on your device. Besides the immensely fun features of being able to chat with friends or compete against random opponents with matched skill sets, the app is downright convenient. There’s no need to waste time on dictionary checking or disputes over accepted words – the app automatically checks every submission, whilst offering a quick vocab search feature. Words with Friends also keeps track of your score, resulting in a fair game and automatic leaderboard entries. Most convenient of all, however, is the ability to take a break from the game whenever you like – and return several days later. No rush, no fuss.

Rise Wars

If you’re ever in the mood for world domination, Rise Wars should be your go-to app. Based on the universally beloved Risk, the purpose of this conquership game is to win medals, increase your military rank and rise up the leader board until you’re one of the world’s greatest players. The app includes a multi-player feature and numerous customizable options. Choose to play on maps of Europe, North America – or one of the entire world. Notch up the element of risk by adjusting the difficulty level to include additional obstacles. The app is easy to navigate, enables you to zoom in and out of your virtual board whilst keeping track of your score and progress. Rise Wars will feed your power hungry alter ego as well as your inner nerd.

Ready to give Fruit Ninja a break and revert back to the traditional? These apps are fun, free and available at the Google Play shop. If you happen to have an Android device, then what on Earth are you waiting for?

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