Basic Review On 6D Canon Cameras

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Canon 6D

The latest version introduced by canon for photography is Canon 6D which is similar to that of canon 5D Mark III. This is the smallest and lightest DSLR with full frame. It is less expensive and have high quality resolution screen. It is mostly preferred in both landscape and portrait shooting because; it uses sensitive centre-only AF sensor. With this AF, one can easily focus the object in low light without using assist AF lamp. The sensor uses full-frame CMOS and 14-bit convertors. Sensor cleaners are also included in it to provide clear view. It has super-fast auto-focusing system which makes the focusing function easy. For video recording, it uses embedded time code which provides 4GB automatic file partitioning. In audio section, it uses mono mic and speakers and also has auto and manual audio recording control. The advanced features enclosed in this version are GPS system and Wi-Fi facility. With the GPS system, one can locate the images and set clock. With Wi-Fi facility, one can easily mail the photos with smart phone cards. Using Wi-Fi, one can transfer images in multiple ways.

First, direct pairing the canon 6D with Smartphone, second, use LAN for connecting camera and Smartphone and third, upload images using canon image gateway. Also, one can use the Smartphone to control the camera. 6D canons are made of magnesium alloy having plastic cover on the top which is necessary for GPS and Wi-Fi antennas to observe outer. The life of the battery is more as compared with previous versions and the menu and info button processing are made easy in this version. The above are the basic and advantageous reviews of canon 6D.

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