Awesome Smartphone Features You Didn’t Know You Need


With new smartphones coming out all the time, it can be difficult to keep up. Everyone has their preferences for what they want in a phone, but there are always some things that are universal. A long-lasting battery, fast processor, and decent camera are just a few of the things people look for. But there are a few smartphone features you probably didn’t know that you wanted or needed. They might not be your highest priority, but they can help to make your life easier in lots of different ways. Look for these features next time you choose a new phone.

Doubling Up as a Remote Control

Lots of phone manufacturers are now putting infrared transmitters in their phones. This feature means that your smartphone can double up as a remote control for different gadgets around your house. Just make sure you have the right app and you can use your phone to control your TV, DVD player, music system and more from one place. You could eliminate the need for five different remotes kicking around your house. And, speaking of remote controls, you can use your smartphone to control your PC or Mac too.

Dual Sim Capability

A lot of people might look at a dual sim smartphone and wonder what they would need one for. But they can be extremely useful to a lot of individuals who need two different phone numbers and sets of contacts. One thing they can be excellent for is business. There’s no need to have a separate work phone if you can give colleagues and associates the number for one sim card while your friends and family have the other. Or perhaps you run a business from home, and you could use one sim to provide customer service. It’s a good idea for traveling too. If you meet people on the road, you don’t have to give them the personal number you use for your friends and family.

Wireless Charging

With so many different gadgets and devices in our daily lives, our homes and offices can begin to get taken over by wires. Carrying around a charger or even leaving it plugged into the wall can add to the trailing wires you have to put up with. But a wireless charging pad you can use for several devices is much more useful. You can cut down on the number of wires, and you just have to place your phone on the pad to start charging. Lots of phones can handle wireless charging, and you can even get furniture with pads built in.

Boarding Pass, Hotel Room Key and More

One of the great things that are happening at the moment is the use of smartphones, and smartwatches, as other tools. Apart from using your phone as a remote control, you can use it to make wireless payments. Lots of hotels all over the world are letting you use your phone to check in and even open your room’s door. Plus, you can put your flight’s boarding pass on it to avoid printing out a paper one. All these features are excellent for travelers.

There are plenty of obviously useful smartphone features, but there will always be some you didn’t know you wanted. These could be perfect for making your life easier.

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