Are iPad Keyboard Cases: Great For on the Go

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Investing in a brand new iPad is a big financial choice. After making such an important purchase it is likely that you want to protect your iPad. As such, many different cases and covers are available for the iPad. You can choose anything from a simple slip-on case to protect your iPad on the go to a drop-proof, highly padded case. One of the most popular choices in iPad case types is the keyboard case, perfect for many different users. If this is something you’re interested in, read on for the factors to consider when purchasing an iPad keyboard case.

Why Buy an iPad Case?

A good iPad case can protect your iPad from many various negative incidents. A case protects your tablet from scratches and dings, and can often help to keep the glass from cracking in the event you drop your iPad. Additionally, many cases allow you to easily adjust the positioning of your iPad. The Apple Smart Cover, for example, allows you to prop up the case to different heights in landscape mode or to stand it up completely to view the tablet in portrait mode.

Why Choose a Keyboard Case?

You can certainly find many types of iPad cases available, which may suit your needs in many ways. If you’re always on the go, having a keyboard case is often the best choice. In addition to having the standard case benefits (protection and positioning), you also have the convenience of a tactile keyboard no matter where you are. Whether you’re in a coffee shop, at a meeting, in class, or even on vacation, you can type long documents and respond to emails much more easily with a keyboard case as opposed to having the on-screen keyboard as your only option.

Manufacturers and Models

While Apple chooses not to make an official keyboard case, many third-party manufacturers provide their own options. Logitech and Belkin are popular choices, among a number of other popular manufacturers. A majority of the keyboards snap onto the iPad in different ways, coming in different colors and styles. You typically get a full keyboard and arrow keys, though the number pad is generally not present due to space constraints as determined by the size of the iPad.

Choosing a Power Source

You can choose to power your keyboard case one of several ways. The most popular option is to use battery power. Some cases allow you to use disposable batteries, while others come with a rechargeable battery built in. If you want to avoid the hassle of buying or charging your battery, a solar-powered keyboard case is a popular choice. These cases recharge with the light you get in everyday situations, whether it’s the light in a boardroom or the sun at your table when you work on the go.

Choosing a keyboard case for your iPad is important if you frequently find yourself without access to a computer and keyboard for long periods of time. While the iPad is a great mobile device, the on-screen keyboard leaves something to be desired. Opt for a keyboard case and eliminate the hassle and strain of responding to long emails or editing documents on the iPad screen alone.

This guest post was written by James Ryan, a freelance technology and gadget writer – he recommends checking out the kensington ipad keyboard cases if you’re looking to add some convenience to your tablet.

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