Anticipated Smartphones of 2020

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There are a number of leaks as well as rumours about great smart phones that are set to hit the market. Well as a real money online gambler this is good news because that means you will have a lot more features on your phone. You can enjoy playing real money games on a great smart phone.

Here are the smart phones that are set to be launched.

Apple iPhone 12

I8t is still very to tell if Apple will shake things up in 2020. There are suggestions that an iPhone 12 will keep the all screen face while adopting a flattened metal frame. There are also rumours that the phone will have a four eyes design on the back just paripop casino does.  There is an indication that it will launch in September and there is no price tag yet.

Huawei P30 PRO

Huawei has launched its P40. It includes the standard P40 model and P40 Pro. It also has a new P40 Pro+.

The phone has a flat 6 in 1 1080 OLED screen, a kirin 990 5G chip on board. Also, it has a triple camera set up on the back and 3, 800 mAh of battery power on board.

The Pro has a quad camera set up and the P40 Pro+ comes with an additional camera.

You also can use the wireless charging option which is faster.


There are leaks that the device might be launched soon. According to some reports the One Plus Pro will bring a bigger shift. It will be ditching the pop up selfie camera which we have seen on last year’s Pro models. There will be a 6.78in QHD + OMLED screen that bumps up to 120 Hz. Also, expect four back cameras, wireless charging as well as water proofing and casino application where you can paly casino games at without going to your browse. 

Google Pixel 5

There are rumours that the phone will have a giant triple camera setup on the back. The leaks also point out that there will be a distinguishing makeover.

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