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Tools are essential for everyone. Tools include those apps that help to perform reliable functions for us. From photo editing to search assistance apps. Some of the apps are very good tools are FastFinder and LightX Photo Editor and Photo Effects. Even gambling players can use the App to improve their online gambling profile pictures at online gambling sites. Some of which desperately need improving.


Are you fed up by scrolling up and down on your device looking for apps and documents? FastFinder comes to your assistance making your life easier. It helps you find whatever you looking for in seconds.  Type the app or file name in the search box and hit the search button.  This app allows for the launching of apps faster than ever before. All users have to do is to type a bit of the app name and the app pops up then tap it to launch. Even things that are hidden or you cannot remember where it is saved are easily found. Fast Finder can browse thousands of files in milliseconds making this is a problem of the past.  The app also has an advanced file search option for “gif” search. Fast Finder users can customize the app with various themes.

LightX Photo Editor and Photo Effects

LightX is a photo editor with many functions enabling you to make collages, add picture frames, add cool stickers and it has a photo background changer. Moreover this app lets you can create cartoons, change hair colour, merge pictures and portrait photos among other photo editing functions. It also allows you to put a caption on your pictures.

Perfect your pictures with advanced editing options such as tooth whitening, removing dark spots and pimples, blur photo background. LightX is a body shape editing tool. You can manipulate or refine your body parts the way you want. There is a different number of stickers to apply such as love, comic, birthday, text photo stickers and much more. You are able to change colour and transparency of the stickers.  This is a cool app and it is easy to use.

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