6 Top Apps For Killing Time

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apps for killing time

If you are stuck for something to do, what do you do? Most of us would opt immediately for checking our phones. But once you’ve read your Instagram notifications, posted a silly selfie on Snapchat, and answered your text, what can you do? Download these 6 apps and you will never be short for a way to kill time again.


If you want to try a puzzle game which is a bit more challenging than the norm, then Gardenscapes is it. You will never run out of levels to play in this app, which goes on forever. Every time you successfully complete a matching level, you gain a star, which you can use to upgrade the garden of your mansion. Even when you run out of goes, you can spend hours just watching the characters wandering around in their environment.

Pokémon Go

The craze may be over, but the Pokémon Go app is still in the store, and it’s gaining new features on a rapid basis. With the addition of 80 new creatures to find, there’s more hunting than ever to be done. If you are on the move, this is a great way to make that walk – or bus ride – a lot more interesting that it would have been before. And if you are stuck waiting for something, you can always try pacing around to hatch your eggs.


This is a fiendish puzzle which will have you bringing out your competitive side. It manifests as a huge cube made out of smaller, coloured cubes with different patterns on them. You have to match up the cubes with their partners – it’s as simple as that. Or not, as the whole puzzle is 3D, meaning you can swipe to swing it around to different angles. Get competitive against the clock – or against a friend.

Shop Heroes

If you want something longer term to sink your teeth into, Shop Heroes is a great adventure. You play a shopkeeper who crafts items for heroes to take on their quests with them – swords, shields, potions, and armour, to name a few. Join a city with other players and strive to compete in weekly raids, as well as upgrading your own shop and the items that you sell. You’ll be addicted in no time at all.


This word puzzle has you picking out short words from blocks of letters, which gradually get longer as you progress through the levels. It seems easy, but it can be surprisingly challenging. What’s more, you might find yourself having a little giggle at the randomly chosen word pairs – some of which bring up fanciful ideas and images to the mind.

Paddy Power Bet Calculator

Want to figure out what kind of bets you should be placing at the match, race, or whatever event you are heading to, the commute can be a lot more fun with this bet calculator. Of course, there are lots of betting sites to choose from, of which Paddy Power is just one. You can even have a go on the slots if you like, with plenty of apps dedicated to this medium!

Next time you have time to kill, go ahead and download one of these treats. The hours will fly by before you know it!

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