6 Mobile Games You Need To Download


Over the summer we were all talking about Pokemon Go. Now that the hubbub has died down, there are a lot of other great games out there which deserve a slice of the attention. Mobile is a developing field and the offerings just keep getting better. These 6 mobile games absolutely have to be on your download list.

Goo Saga

Goo Saga is a side-scrolling platform game like no other. What really makes this app one to get is the graphics. So much work has been put into making them look absolutely stunning. It’s also a pretty entertaining game. You play a piece of goo which has to squish its way out of a laboratory to freedom. You can also gain upgrades and learn new abilities.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols

This was originally a desktop game, but has translated to mobile so well. You lead a band of warriors of various different types and abilities, all of whom can be levelled up with their skills unlocked at certain levels. You defeat monsters to pass through to new rounds. The twist? You have to choose to reset your progress, essentially “dying”, in order to gain new boosts and powers. You can then play again, or choose from hundreds of base and bonus levels, to perfect your strategy on each one. It’s also hilarious – be sure to read up the level descriptions.

War Tortoise

Tower defence games lend themselves well to the mobile format, and this is no exception. You have to defend the tortoise from various attackers, such as rats and beetles. Build up an army of troops, upgrade, and unlock new weapons to hold your ground. The game evolves with every unlock, going into automation and changing difficulty levels to keep it challenging.

Royal Vegas Online Casino

This game highlights what all of the best mobile casino apps must have. It has a big deposit bonus, which means you can get out a lot more than you put in initially. It has great customer service and there are promotions running constantly. What’s more, it has a wide range of different casino games on offer, all from the same central hub. Add a lack of advertisements for all players and you have a winning mix. The only question now is whether you have the skills to beat the house.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Something of a cult classic, Hatoful Boyfriend gives you the character of a pigeon. You must decide which of the other pigeons you would most like to date. It’s weird, it’s crazy, and it’s wonderful. You have to try it to understand.

The Westport Independent

History is written by the winners, as you will learn in this censorship game. That may not make it sound entertaining, but it is. You alter news headlines to change the outcomes of a war between government and rebels. See how quickly you can help your side to win.

With so many great games and apps available, it’s sometimes hard to pick. Go for one of these 6 and you won’t regret it. Each of them represents the top of their genre, with entertaining gameplay for hours on end!

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