6 Apps To Download For Your Next Holiday

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6 Apps To Download For Your Next Holiday

For the experienced traveler, using apps to navigate your vacation might be seen as a last resort. However, in today’s age of smartphones and tablets, one can simplify the process of traveling immensely just by downloading a couple free apps to your electronic device. If you’re thinking of booking a holiday soon, check out this list of app recommendations to make the process easier from start to finish. We promise your travel routine will be transformed by this technology!


Travelstart is your one-stop destination for booking cheap flights across Africa and the Middle East. You can do everything from book last-minute tickets to Cairo to comparing flights to Dubai on Travelstart. As long as your destination is somewhere within Travelstart’s domain, you could be saving hundreds of dollars on airfare simply by downloading their revolutionary app. Visit the App Store and search “Travelstart” to start saving on airfare ASAP!

Hotel Tonight

Found yourself stranded in a foreign city with nowhere to go? Hotel Tonight will help you book last-minute hotel rooms at discounted rates all over the world. Whether you’re stuck in South Africa, Russia or New Zealand, Hotel Tonight has got you covered in nearly every major city. So, don’t let cancelled or delayed flights get you down – and start shopping Hotel Tonight now! Just search “Hotel Tonight” in the App Store to start saving.


Deciding where to eat while traveling can be one of the greatest hassles there is – but say no more! If you need a last-minute reservation anywhere in the world, OpenTable is here for you. Whether you’re in the UK, Denmark, Spain or Italy, you can search for open seats at any top restaurant in the nation. Use the “Near Me” feature to find a table ASAP – or take the app’s customized Recommendations for You for a unique dining experience. Download OpenTable in the App Store for a day of dining you’ll never forget.


Expedia may very well be explained as Travelstart’s American counterpart. Based out of Bellevue, Washington, this app offers lower prices on airfare, hotel rooms, attractions and more. If you’re looking to save some additional cash, you can even bundle Expedia’s trademark services to save on your next trip to New York or Los Angeles. Download the Expedia app and start shopping to plan your affordable visit to the USA today.


Don’t let the childlike appearance of Hopper’s signature rabbit fool you: this little bunny knows its stuff! If you’re looking to book a vacation but aren’t confined to strict dates, this app will help you scan for the cheapest prices on travel to-and-from your chosen destination. You can even filter your results by category, such as flights under $400, and view predicted price drops for purchasing tickets. Search for Hopper in the App Store to stop overspending on flights and start daydreaming about your latest, greatest holiday!


Never struggle to navigate a new city’s transportation system again: CityMapper has aggregated public transportation maps for dozens of cities worldwide, making it easier than ever to get around during your stay. Not only will this app share real-time travel alerts and departure times, but it also features integration with Uber, so you’ll never find yourself lost on-the-go again. Visit the App Store and search for “CityMapper” to get started on exploring a city near you!

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