4 Must Have Gaming Apps In 2015

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The gaming industry is literally worth billions upon billions every single year and is one of the most lucrative yet highly competitive industries in the world. Gaming has been popular for a number of decades now, though it’s probably pretty safe to say that gaming has progressed a great deal since the days of pong, though it’s still a classic! To play games when we were younger, we needed various games consoles though handheld devices were created, they just weren’t really that popular. Games consoles are still incredibly popular to this day, though thanks to the invention of the smart phone, the gaming industry has now been changed forever as gaming apps now more popular than ever before. Here’s a look at 4 must have gaming apps in 2015.

Angry birds

Angry birds was arguably the game which started the smart phone app gaming craze and it quickly became the most fastest downloaded app on the year it was released. Though in today’s gaming standards it is considered old, angry birds is still incredibly popular and is still downloaded countless times every single day, by individuals all over the world. The aim of the game is basically to launch various different birds at green pigs, who are hidden in various structures etc. It sounds bizarre but its great addictive fun.

Block fortress

Available on IOS, block fortress is hugely popular because it combines elements from super-fun and super-addictive games into one. The developers have combined elements from Minecraft, a first person shooter, and tower defence into this one game, creating one of the most enjoyable and addictive gaming apps currently on the market. The idea is to create a fantastic tower and defend the hell out of it and protect it at all costs. Basically, think of building, fighting, and surviving as long as possible and you get the gist of what block fortress is all about.


When referring to gaming, it isn’t simply computer games we’re referring to as online gambling games are now extremely popular in a number of different formats. Without question, one of the hottest and most popular apps of 2015 looks set to be the Titan bet betting app. Available on IOS and Android, the app allows players to bet on a whole variety of different games and events and potentially win a great deal of money in the process. There are many different betting apps currently out there, but keep your eyes on Titan bet as there are big things to come.

Plants vs zombies

The name of the game is bizarre enough, but just wait until you hear the premise. Basically, this too is yet another tower defence game, though this time there are a gang of plants, yes plants, as in garden plants, leaves and all, attempting to prevent zombies from shuffling their way across a grass lawn and making their way into a home. It’s incredibly addictive, it’s as hilarious as it sounds, and it’s available on IOS platforms.

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