The Best Apps For Updates On The Move In 2015


For years the majority of us have been able to browse news sites on the internet while bored. What has changed in recent years is the number of apps offering to browse for us – collecting news stories from around the net to present in a cool grid.

Here we present some of the best apps for keeping up with news on the go, but be aware they may be irresistible to chronic procrastinators!

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Category: Technology

Sports Apps Everyone Should Download


Download a sports app to your smartphone and you can be up to date with the latest scores, schedules and news for your favorite sport at all times. Most sports apps allow you to select your favorite teams, and set up custom alerts, as well as providing a stream of sports news as it breaks, to keep you up to date on scores, highlights and fantasy statistics. The following sports apps are among the best free apps for Android and iOS.

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Category: Mobile

The Best Apps For Gamers Now

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

The power of our smartphones is often more than we even realise – today, our phones are becoming more synonymous with gaming than they are making calls, and with the huge catalogue of apps out there, we’re spoilt for gaming choice.

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Category: Games

BYOD – The Latest Craze But What’s It All About?

Carbon Fiber Magic Mouse

BYOD is one of the latest buzzwords going around the business tech industry but what’s it all about?

BYOD stands for bring your own device. It means instead of having to use the laptops & tablets at work your not use to, you can use your own personal devices you are used to in work. Doing this has been shown to boost employees productivity and the employer gets the added bonus of saving money on buying equipment.

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Category: Technology

Making Your Blog Secure

Keyboard / Tastatur

People expect much from any given website and your blog is no different. If you want to have a blog people appreciate and trust, then you need to improve your security.

As such, here are some answers to a few questions you might have asked yourself in the past, such as what do readers expect from a blog and do you need an ssl encryption for communicating with them?

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