Game On A Budget With The Best Bargain Gaming Laptops


Over the past few years the popularity of laptop gaming has increased tremendously and that trend is likely to continue, the only problem was that these machines weren’t cheap to buy for consumers. However with more and more gaming laptops coming on the market prices have drastically reduced making it now possible to pick up a bargain gaming laptop, and I’m going to tell you the gaming laptops you should be looking at.

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How Will Wearables Change Future Generations?


For those of us in our 40s, our position on the cusp of technological advancement has left us floundering in some areas, and proficient in others. But for anyone under 20 the technological age is in full swing, and it is this generation and the one after that who will feel the full benefits of current developments. Key to this process is ‘wearable’ technology – after all, who wants to carry around heavy, cumbersome tech when you can incorporate it into wristbands, watches and even clothing? And just how close are we to the ultimate in wearables – bio-technological implants?

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Top Tennis Apps Every Fan Should Have


With the world famous Wimbledon Tennis Championships just around the corner, it’s time to have a look at how a few apps can improve your understanding of the game. And some of them may even improve your own gameplay too!

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Android Apps on all software platforms through ARC Welder


Android apps are (mostly) great! These lightweight pieces of software do exactly what they are meant to do, and they do it using the (sometimes limited) hardware resources a mobile device has. High resolution graphics, cloud enabled services, instant updates and easy handling are “must have” features for mobile apps, and desktop apps on all operating systems often fail at these. If only there was a way to run Android apps on desktops… but wait, there is! The latest App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) plus the new ARC Welder app means that now it’s possible for Android apps to run through the Chrome browser (version 41 or above) on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Chrome OS.

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Is The UK Leading The Charge In The Next Generation Of Tech?


As the Internet of Things gives way to the Internet of Everything and society becomes more and more connected, Britain is recovering the place it once had at the forefront of technological development. Many of the current technologies that drive our economy and form the cornerstones of our society developed from British inventions, and after long years during which the market was dominated by Germany, the US and Japan, Brits are now re-engaging with them and showing the same talent for innovation.

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